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Face Painting and Body Painting

About Fantasy Artz

Fantasy Artz provides outstanding professional Face Painting, Body Painting, Prenatal Art, and several other entertainment services for Maryland, and the surrounding areas of DC, VA, and PA. We are one of the very best to be found!

We only use top quality, theatrical face and body paints, which are FDA approved for use on the skin.

Rhonda Hardesty is the company founder, main artist, and creative director.

Other highly talented artists and entertainment service providers make up the Fantasy Artz team. Each was chosen to represent Fantasy Artz because of their superior skills, dependability, and high moral standards.

When you book an event with Fantasy Artz, Rhonda will be artist painting at the event - unless there are other events scheduled in the same time frame as yours. In that case, Fantasy Artz will discuss the details with you of having another artist come instead. You may also request your favorite Fantasy Artz artist.

Who We Are

About me, Artist and Founder

Hi. I'm Rhonda. I've been an artist for as long as I can remember. Growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania, I started earning money at just 12 years old by supplying my sketches and paintings to local shops that catered to tourists coming to see the Amish.

I spent countless hours drawing and learning to paint back then. When other kids my age were spending their money on toys at the Five and Dime, I'd save every cent I got until I had enough to buy oil paints and canvas from the local hardware store. There was also a shelf on our living room wall that held a menagerie of little animal figurines and tiny toy cars that the animals would fit into. I spend a lot of time drawing an imaginary world of those little animals riding in the

cars. And so, I believe that's when my love of fantasy and children's art got it's beginning.

Since then though, I've used my artistic ability for many purposes. I'm very versatile, and have worked in many creative areas. In the 1980's, I focused much on Fine Arts, working in Acrylic. I had shows in several areas of the country and sold many paintings. Also, during that time I helped found an Art Association in Pennsylvania. I've done a little of everything from murals, screen printing to illustrative art and logos, and for the past 20 years my profession has been in graphic design. I accepted much commissioned work over the years. And, although commissioned work is good for making a living, I prefer art with more freedom for design.

That brings me to the present, where I have happily discovered that face and body painting gives me a lot of freedom to be as creative as I want to be. I find it to be so fun and rewarding. It's wonderful to see the look on the face of a child (or grownup) who has just been transformed into their imagination and fantasy... I anticipate their surprise and happiness as much as they do. When people ask me why I do this... I honestly answer that it's because I love it!