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Face Painting and Body Painting

Full & Partial

Body Painting

whatever you dream...

we can paint

Corporate and Business Events

Are you looking for great, crowd pleasing entertainment for your company's event, promotion, product launch, or grand opening? Fantasy Artz has options that are absolute show-stoppers!

The Living Canvas

Imagine... a "living canvas" being painted right before the eyes of the guests at your company party. Think of how uniquely entertaining it would be to have a model transformed into a wild beast, a super hero, a character, your logo, or some other thing of your choosing. Your event would be abuzz with conversations and anticipation for the outcome of such a fascinating show! That's the type of entertainment that can make your event a huge success and will be remembered for all the right reasons.

On-Site Party Services

We are considered a "mobile" business because in most circumstances we come to you and provide our services at your location. We have many options we can bring to you and your guests. These include face painting, temporary glitter tattoos or henna tattoos, and partial or full (Living Canvas) body painting.

Pre-party Services

Arrange to have your guests come to the party already "made-over." If you have a theme, guests can arrive at the party in character or do it as a promotion by having a model painted to go with the theme, or perhaps with the logo for your new product launch, company identity, or anything you can dream up! We also have "traditional makeovers" by licensed cosmetologists available. Think of how appreciated fun and lavish makeovers for your female employees would be. What a unique gift idea!

Holiday Parties

From a sparkly holiday eye florish to a full faced Grinch, face painting and glitter tattoos will be a hit for your holiday party!

Promotions, Product Launches, and Grand Openings

Face Painting, Full or Partial Body Painting, and Temporary Tattoos are all perfect for promotions, product launches, grand openings, and most business events. You can even incorporate your logo or corporate identity into any of these services. There is no end to the creative ideas and designs that Fantasy Artz can work on with you to make your event a success! If you need custom work done, or need help deciding which options would be best for you, give us a call at 410-790-4131 to discuss the best plan.

Company Picnics, Family Days, and Take your Child to Work Day

Anytime your event includes children you can't go wrong with face painting! Children love it and Fantasy Artz has designs that appeal to every age group. We will also cater our designs to any theme you might have, holidays, or season of the year. Adults will like it too because it's great fun to watch... and yes, some adults love to be painted! See our Face Painting Gallery to get an idea of our high quality, beautiful faces and designs.

Kid's Night

Savvy Restaurant owners know that offering a Kid's Night brings in business. Reduced price meals and entertainment for the children is usually the order of the evening. Face Painting is super popular for Kid's Night. This is a great example of why you should hire a professional and not an amateur face artist. Because, in business "word of mouth" is everything! A professional that is fast, personable, and does gorgeous painting will bring in new business and help grow your reputation. The news will get around! And so, an amateur or mediocre painter who is too slow or who does unimpressive painting can work the opposite. It can actually be bad for your Kid's Night reputation, and even keep your customers away.