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Face Painting and Body Painting

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Monster High Theme

Monster High Theme

Hello Kitty Theme

Unicorns, Fairies, Fantasy

Angry Birds Theme

Princess Parties, Super Heros, Luaus, Decade Parties, Fourth of July... the list goes on and on! You name it! Fantasy Artz can do it!

Have an idea? We can do it! Here are some favorites:

Princess Party

Princess Parties are the most asked for theme for girls, and no wonder... little girls love pretending to be a princess! Fantasy Artz will transform your child and her guests into royalty with magnificent painted crowns, jewels, and glitter! Does she want to look like Cinderella? Snow White? Let us know her favorite princess!

Hello Kitty

Another favorite theme for girls from the young to the teens, Hello Kitty is very popular and a super cute party to have!

Zebra Party

Zebra stripes are all the rage these days! Girls will love having a Zebra Party, and they can choose their favorite colors too... Zebra Pink, Zebra Purple, Zebra Green, and all the colors of the rainbow are possible.

Angry Birds or Angry Birds Space

Boys and girls both love Angry Birds!


Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Your party guests will love a jungle theme where they are transformed into their favorite wild animals.

Pirate Party

What fun pretending to sail the mighty ocean, look for buried treasure, and walk the dreaded plank... boys will simply love it! But, don't worry, girls can be pirates too.

Monster High Party

Monster High is not just for Halloween! Girls love having a Monster High party any time of year! There are lots of choices for boys too!

Rock Star Party

Boys and Girls will have a blast at a Rock Star Party! You might also consider adding crazy hair colors to the party, or neon paints that glow under blacklights.

Neon or Blacklight Party

Glow in the dark parties are super fun... just replace lightbulbs with blacklight bulbs. Designs will glow in the dark and kids will love it!

Lady Bug Theme

Lady Bug Theme

A great party theme for young girls. There are lots Lady Bug designs to give the party variety. And, for boys... grasshoppers and lots of other garden critters that boys will like.

More Party Theme Ideas:


Kittens or Puppies

Sponge Bob

Sports Theme

Choose one favorite sport to highlight or the party can be all sports.