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Face Painting and Body Painting

Why should you hire us?

Simply put... We draw a crowd!

Here's some food for thought...

Did you ever notice that whenever there's a "great" face painter at an event there is almost always a long line? It's true. Kid's love having their faces painted and parents are usually willing to stand in line to let them do so.

That can be very beneficial to your business if your business is within sight of the line! Adults get bored standing in line just as the kids do and while they are standing there, you better believe they are looking around!

Now, imagine you are set up at a tradeshow, expo, etc... and you hire Fantasy Artz' table to set up a table right next to yours or even inside your booth. We draw a crowd and you get attention! It's a win-win! That's smart, inexpensive, think out-of-the-box marketing!

Grand Openings, product launches and promotions, and many other business events need a way to attract attention. Hiring a professional face painter is a great way to do that! And, if you really want to go big... add body painting. A Living Canvas will catch and hold a ton of potential customers for you!

It has also become very popular for restaurants to hire a face painter on a regular basis for children's nights. Savvy restaurant owners know that having a face painter is a draw for business as word gets around. It's also a way to develope repeat business since parents will bring their children to get their faces painted time and time again!

One more thought... in recent years, as face and body painting becomes increasingly more popular, mere cheek doodles done by a hobby painter or a volunteer has given way to elaborate designs done by professionals. An amateur can NOT draw the crowd or hold the attention that a professional can.